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Gateway Central(GC)

GC combines both Gateway Control and the Gateway Editor into a single view allowing operators and developers to manage Gateways across multiple NETeXPERT Systems.

Version Control and Distribution System(VCDS)

VCDS aims to erase the barrier between NETeXPERT rule development and standard source control tools such as CVS and SVN. From a single window, developers may track changes to Events, Methods, and Dialogs from their development systems as well as any other NETeXPERT system. This access allows developers to visually track the state of these objects, manage source control actions, and deploy objects between systems. VCDS also allows any PA formatted NETeXPERT objects to be managed in a Package. Packages provide organization of rule sets, ease of rule set deployment, and the abillity to create patches between Package states.

Web Alert(WA)

Web Alert provides a consolidated web based view of Alerts from one or more NETeXPERT systems. A web browser based view opens the door for different types of users to view alerts. Operators Groups can be filtered to provide a subset of alerts to specific sets of users.

You can learn more about these products at the OSI website.