Winners And Sinners (1983)
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Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao
John Sham
Richard Hg
Fung Shiu Fan
Chung Shung Lin
Movie Details
Director Sammo Hung
Producer Leonard Ho
Writer Sammo Hung; Wong Ping Yiu
Studio 20th Century Fox
Language English
Audience Rating PG-13
Running Time 1 hr 47 mins
Color Color
This hilarious farce follows five small-time crooks (Sammo Hung, Richard Hg, Chung Shung Lin, John Sham, Fung Shiu Fan) who start a cleaning company in an attempt to stay legit after their release from prison. The five bumblers inadvertently come into conflict with a counterfeiting gang holed up in the building they are hired to clean and unwittingly get caught in a war between rival gangsters and law agencies.

Ranked as one of the funniest and most entertaining of Hung's slapstick comedies, Winners and Sinners is full of high jinks, entertaining fight scenes and incredible stunts. The movie won the prestigious Hong Kong film award in 1984 for best action choreography, and spawned several sequences.
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio Widescreen 2.35:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Layers Single side, dual layer
UPC 024543164524
Release Date 4/5/05
Subtitles English
Packaging Keep Case
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
CANTONESE: Dolby Digital 5.1