The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
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Keanu Reeves
Larry Wachowski
Lambert Wilson
Carrie-Anne Moss
Nona M. Gaye
Monica Bellucci
Daniel Bernhardt
Collin Chou
Laurence Fishburne
Nona Gaye
Harry Lennix
Matt McColm
Harold Perrineau Jr.
Movie Details
Director Andy Wachowski; Mary Alice; Larry Wachowski
Producer Joel Silver
Writer Andy Wachowski; Larry Wachowski
Studio Warner Bros.
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 2 hr 9 mins
Color Color
Despite the inevitable law of diminishing returns, The Matrix Revolutions is quite satisfying as an adrenalized action epic, marking yet another milestone in the exponential evolution of computer-generated special effects. That may not be enough to satisfy hardcore Matrix fans who turned the Wachowski Brothers' hacker mythology into a quasi-religious pop-cultural phenomenon, but there's no denying that the trilogy goes out with a cosmic bang instead of the whimper that many expected. Picking up precisely where The Matrix Reloaded left off, this 130-minute finale finds Neo (Keanu Reeves) at a virtual junction, defending the besieged human enclave of Zion by confronting the attacking machines on their home turf, while humans combat swarms of tentacled mechanical sentinels as Zion's fate lies in the balance. It all amounts to a blaze of CGI glory, devoid of all but the shallowest emotions, and so full of metaphysical hokum that the trilogy's detractors can gloat with I-told-you-so sarcasm. And yet, Revolutions still succeeds as a slick, exciting hybrid of cinema and video game, operating by its own internal logic with enough forward momentum to make the whole trilogy seem like a thrilling, magnificent dream. -- Jeff Shannon
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Edition Widescreen Edition
Format DVD
Region Region 1
Screen Ratio 2.40:1
Layers Single side, single layer
UPC 085393320928
Release Date 4/6/04
Subtitles English; French; Spanish
Packaging Keep Case
Audio Tracks English Dolby Digital 5.1
French Dolby Digital 5.1